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As Your Judge, I Will:


● Judge With Fairness & Compassion

● Expand Mental Health & Drug Treatment

● Prevent Wrongful Convictions

● End Discrimination in the Courts

● Protect Contra Costa County Residents


I'm running for judge because I believe that the voters of Contra Costa County should pick the judge who decides the most important matters of their lives. I believe that in our democracy, VOTERS--not politicians should elect our judges.


When the People elect their judges, that is true democracy!

My opponent was selected by a politician in 2005 to become a judge, and has remained a judge to this day, without ever having been elected by the people.


When politicians select our judges, that is NOT democracy!

Judges are assigned to protect our rights, and to decide cases fairly, based on the Constitution and the law. We want our judges to be elected reflections of ourselves – at home, at work and in the community. I'm a proud son of working class immigrants. I stand as a reflection of the people. I don't seek the endorsements of the politically connected politicians, judges and attorneys. I don't seek their endorsements or their campaign contributions.


What I seek is the endorsement of the PEOPLE.

I respectfully ask you to give to me the most valuable thing that we as citizens have in our democracy, and that is, your vote. If you give me your vote, I will not let you down. I will owe nothing to a politician who selects me as a judge, or a campaign contributor or an attorney who will appear before me in a case.


I have spent my legal career fighting for the civil rights of my clients. I'm an experienced legal professional who believes in the importance of equal justice.

Together, we are on a journey to lift up our community and to ensure that it is inclusive, diverse and where all of its members are heard, represented and looked after.


While we are blessed to live in a nation that has so much to offer, we also have some issues that have become a growing problem. We are part of a drug epidemic that goes beyond age and socioeconomic status. Many members of our community also have mental health problems that are not being properly addressed. Many of these people become involved in the court system, and it is crucial that our judges consider ways to best deal with these issues.


My diverse legal experience—especially in criminal, civil rights and family law—has prepared me to deal with these problems.

If you give me your vote, I will work to expand drug and mental health treatment in our courts. I will work to end discrimination in the courts and prevent wrongful convictions. I will protect Contra Costa County residents. I will uphold the Constitution and the law. I will judge with fairness, respect, and compassion.


Pezhman Pakneshan